How to Unbrick Teclast A11 M5A7

If you land here, this means that you have bricked your tablet Teclast A11 (maybe with the Root procedure) and want to recover and bring it to life. Don’t worry it’s easy!


  • PHOENIX SUIT :here
  • PDF Guide (chinese) : here


  • Make sure that you have a fully charged battery!
  • For now the 4.2.2 can’t be Rooted, so verify twice before to atempt to recover. Only the 4.1.1 can be Rooted for all model of Teclast A11
  • Remeber that the firmware linked here are only for the M5A7 Quad Core Teclast A11!!


  • Start the Phoenix Suit
    Phoenix Suit Start
  • The program say that can’t recognize the tablet. Go to the Firmware section
    Upgrade Ready
  • Choose your downloaded “A11(M5A7).img” firmware and press Upgrade
    Upgrade Ready
  • After a while you will be asked if you want to Format the device or only Upgrade. you’ll better to choose “No”. It will keep all you app and account, and make only the update. If you choose Yes it will format your device, and all data will be lost.
    Format or no?
  • Phoenix Suit will tell you that can’t find the device. Now you need to make some button combination with the tablet. Remember to plug the Usb both on Talbet and PC!
    Ready to upgrade?.
  • Long press the power key at least 10 seconds to power off the device
  • Press one key (volume) and do not relase (keep it press)
  • Release power key, and press it 10 times (while keeping volume key pressed)
  • Release all the button. You should see in the back of window if Phoenix Suit that something happened
  • The device now should be shoutdowned and Windows will install a new driver for USB
    Device install
  • The upgrade begins, it should take about 3 minutes
    Status Bar
  • When finished the device will boot and you will end with working device again!!.
    OkLock Screen

   You have done all, your system now is working. What you want to do now? You can consider to Root the device if you have the 4.1.1 installed or to Upgrade to 4.2.2.

   All goes well? Feel free to leave a comment below, if you want

6 pensieri su “How to Unbrick Teclast A11 M5A7

  1. Hello. The download links are not working on this page anymore. Do you still have ORIGINAL STOCK FIRMWARE TECLAST A11 M5A7 ANDROID 4.2.2 for download? If so, can I have a new link? Thank you.

      1. Hello. Thank you. I have just updated my TECLAST A11 M5A7 to the firmware available in your MEGA link, but when installed, the software is in chinese and the touch screen is not functioning correctly. Do you have any other firmware versions available for this tablet model?

        1. Hi, I’m sorry but this is the only aviable firmware.
          About language it easy to change it. You must enter in settings. find the [A] icon (language) and change your language.

          Whats wrong with Touchscreen?

          1. Thank you for the reply. I have managed to change the language, but the icons do not correspond to where i am touching the screen. For example, if i touch the middle of the screen, it will activate an icon in the corner of the screen. I don’t know if it can be calibrated again? Thank you.

          2. Hi. Are you sure your Touch screen if fully working? Usually this type of issue are related with a small chip in the flat cable on the Touch screen.
            Also this can be related with DPI dimensions. Doesn’t know if it works, but I will upload for you a small APK to make some tweaks that should work. Your teclast must be Rooted

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